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The Sketchbook Project!

I need something to get my creative juices flowing again.  All (office) work and no play makes me a dull girl!  So when I stumbled upon The Sketchbook Project during one of my multi-hour internet crawls, I was hooked.  Signed up and it’s here!

Of course, now I am stuck on the theme.  And putting that first mark on that clean white paper.

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I recently had my first art show… a Second Saturday event at The Art Studios in midtown Sacramento.  I had all my paintings there, including the first painting I did since I took art classes at college.  College was over twenty years ago. This painting was done maybe 10 years ago.  Which is a big deal.  But I’ll come back to that.

I was nervous at the show.  I had my cheerleaders there…all the friends who cared about me enough to carve the time out of their weekend and support me.  It was wonderful and uplifting.

But surprisingly enough, the comments from visitors were equally uplifting.  I did not expect to see the strong reactions my art brought in people.  One man saw that painting I mentioned above and stopped and stared and then sidled over to me and started talking to me about it.  About how he was a sailor and how he had actually seen what I painted, when he was out on the oceans at dawn.  Is that what inspired me?

No…that image showed up in my head and I had to paint it.  That happens to me every now and then…I get seized by an image and I can’t rest until I get it down on canvas (or once, on a wall!).  The man talked to me for quite a while and I loved the experience of listening to a stranger describe my paintings.

Others would walk by and comment on different artwork, one loved the cows and told me I had to do a whole series of them.  Another lady loved the girl’s room set of paintings and took my card.  One lady who was seriously inebriated waxed philosophical about my dead oak painting and brought her fellow artist friends to see it (one of whom snorted and walked away.  I can’t please everyone!)

So what inspires me?  Sometimes it is an image in my head.  Sometimes it is the view out my car window.  Or what’s on my plate.

But right now?  I am inspired by the emotions my paintings raise in others.

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Cupcake frenzy!

I was on a little cupcake painting streak for a while and posted pictures on a local store’s facebook fanpage.  My homage to their cupcakes.  I got an email from one of the owners asking if I would be interested in hanging my cupcake paintings in their new store in Sacramento, opening next week.

Heck YA!

So now I have to paint three large cupcake paintings by Sunday morning.  No pressure.

I love it!

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Greyhounds are dear to my heart…I saw my first (and last!) greyhound race in Kenosha, Wisconsin. There were two ex-racers in the lobby, up for adoption and I decided then and there that I would rescue a greyhound as soon as I could. We had our names on the greyhound adoption waiting list as soon as we were in contract to buy our first home.  Surya came into our lives in September 1998, and Zameen in March 1999.

When I was searching for subject matter for artwork for a local fundraiser, I looked over at Surya and felt that finally, it was time to start painting our dogs.  So here is my artwork for the Painting for Paws fundraiser:

Go here to custom order your own greyhound painting.

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Nothing like hitting the ground running!  I am currently creating artwork for 2 (!) shows: The Art Studios on 11/13/10 (Second Saturday in November), and then four large works for another gallery in midtown…details to follow once things are firmed up!  Plus several commisson works that I’ll have to fit in.  Oh and a couple of pieces donated to a fundraiser for a local pet shelter.

Busy, and loving it.

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Cupcakes on my mind…

Icing on the Cupcake opened their new location in Folsom last month, and of course I was there on their first day.  And the second.  And third… you get the picture.  I have been inspired by their flavors and the sheer prettiness of the cupcakes, enough to start a little series…

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